The Orthodox West

A Review

The Orthodox Church is expressed almost entirely by the “Eastern Rite”. There are some — one percent according to this film — that is of the “Western Rite”. This film documents the stories of various Western Rite Orthodox believers and their path to the Western Rite. It also gives a brief overview of what it means to be an Orthodox Christian in the Western tradition.

The Orthodox West is divided into the following chapters:

  1. “The Calling” shares the background of three Orthodox priests: Fr. Patrick Cardine, Fr. Alban Waggener, and Fr. James Hamrick.
  2. “The Decision” catalogs how these men became Orthodox and found the Western Rite.
  3. “The Lost Daughter” gives a perspective on the Schism and how the Western Rite is returning Western Churches to Orthodoxy.

At 40 minutes, the film is easily-consumable and gives a great background into the Western Rite.

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