A Working of Faith Through Faithful Works

Reading Clement of Rome Okay, I admit I went a little cheeky with the title on this one, but unlike some Church Fathers I know, my reason for doing so will be explicitly clear in this article. So far as I know, Clement of Rome is the last of his peers that I’ll be reading, with my next … Continue reading A Working of Faith Through Faithful Works

An Unfamiliar Brother

Reflections on the Faith of Justin Martyr A new week means a new Church Father. I’ve been blessed to be able to keep up with such a pattern thus far. I hope it continues. This week, I read through the First and Second Apologies of Justin Martyr. While I found plenty of material to write about … Continue reading An Unfamiliar Brother

He Quoteth Many Scriptures

A Reading of Polycarp’s Epistle to the Philippians Having read through Ignatius’ epistles last week, I have decided to read his contemporary Polycarp this week. Polycarp’s only surviving work is his letter to the Philippians. The Smyrnaeans — of whom Polycarp was Bishop — also wrote to the surrounding churches of his martyrdom. It is … Continue reading He Quoteth Many Scriptures